Dr. Jie Yang

Tenured Associate Professor
Center of Basic Molecular Science
Department of Chemistry
Tsinghua University

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Dr. Jie Yang joined Tsinghua University in March 2021. He received B. S. degree in physics from Nanjing University (2010, advisor: Prof. Shining Zhu) and Ph. D. degree in physics from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (2016, advisor: Prof. Martin Centurion). He joined SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford as an Experimental Research Associate in June 2016, and was later promoted to Associate Staff Scientist (Dec. 2018) and Staff Scientist (Jun. 2020).

His main research achievements include: 1) First demonstration of using mega-electron-volt electron beams for the diffraction imaging of gas phase molecules, where atomic-level temporal (~100 fs) and spatial (0.5 Angstrom) resolution were achieved; 2) Developed the experimental paradigm of molecular moviemaking for gas phase molecules using mega-electron-volt ultrafast electron diffraction (MeV-UED), and demonstrated its application on non-adiabatic molecular dynamics; 3) Proposed and demonstrated simultaneous observation of nuclear and electronic dynamics using elastic and inelastic electron scattering; 4) Built the first ultrafast electron diffraction setup for liquid phase samples.

Bo Huang

Research Assistant & Prospective Graduate Student

Longteng Yun

Undergraduate Student & Prospective Graduate Student

Muchao Chen

Undergraduate Student

Haoran Ma

Undergraduate Student

Haowei Chen

Undergraduate Student

Keke Chen

Undergraduate Student


We have openings for 1 postdoc and 2 Ph. D. students every year.

Requirements for postdoc candidates:

  1. Candidate currently holds (or expect to receive) a Ph. D. degree in Physics, Chemistry or related fields.
  2. Candidate should have research experiences in at least one of the following fields:
    a. Ultrafast laser experiments.
    b. Excited state molecular dynamics.
    c. Velocity map imaging, or other charged particle detection schemes.
    d. Ultra-high vacuum, preferentially experiences in in-vacuum gas/liquid sample delivery setups.
    e. Electron accelerator, preferentially experiences with ultrashort electron beam.
  3. Candidate should have solid reading/writing/communication skills in English.
  4. Candidate should demonstrate his/her research capability through publications, awards, etc.
  5. Candidate should be highly motivated for interdisciplinary research, methodology development and problem-solving capabilities.

How to apply:·

Questions, enquires and your application should be sent to:

Your application should contain:
– An application letter that briefly describes your research interests, the reason you apply for this position, and when do you expect to join us.
– A CV that includes education background, list of publications, and research background.
– Names and email contact to three references.